Sunday, 29 January 2012

What a wonderful week

I've had a lovely first week back at uni. I can't believe I'm actually saying that. Despite the majority of my lectures being casual introductions to my new topics of study, so far I'm finding everything quite interesting! Again, I've got the same story to be telling you, I've been taking care of myself and trying to get as much sleep as possible and it really has paid off. Our flat has stayed in all weekend (sounds boring) but we're all going out tonight (on a Sunday!) as it is 'Cops and Robbers Carnage' in Leeds which I'm really excited for. I'm going as a robber, I will hopefully post a photo of my outfit sometime next week!

So instead of going out this weekend, Friday night some of us from the house went down to the common room armed with endless cups of tea, cosy blankets and other bed attire to have a serious film fest. I love nights like this! Then Saturday, me and two of my flatmates went into the centre to get our outfits sorted for Carnage. We managed to run past Starbucks, (trying to save every last penny right now) get our outfits and then head straight back.

After dinner, having had such an enormous bag of carrots in the fridge for well over a week, I decided to make my very first batch of soup. I phoned my dad and asked for advice, looked up a few recipes online, got all my ingredients together and then got cracking. Soon I was feeling like a kitchen goddess as everything was going super smoothly...until it came to blending. I poured my first batch of soup into the find it splurging all out of the bottom, all over the worktop and all down the front of me. Two of my flatmates who were sat in the kitchen keeping me company burst into complete hysterics, and so did I. I quickly ran to the sink, blender in hand, sloshing hot carroty liquid everywhere in attempt to save some of my soup. After this fiasco, I cleaned everything up and went in for round two of blending with my now depleted stock of carrot soup. This went much better after having screwed the bottom of the blender on properly (ahem) and a smile crossed my face as I saw the sludgey liquid turn a beautiful golden orange colour. I had made my own soup, yay! And it actually tasted really good!

After such kitchen related dramas, I was ready to relax. So my flatmate and I decided to get on our pyjamas, make a big mug of hot chocolate, get into my bed and watch Dreamgirls. I had the most perfect night singing along to all the songs and taking part in a rather loud and extravagant rendition of 'Listen' by Beyonce...lovely! Hope you are all well and having a good weekend, what are you getting up to? Emily xoxo


  1. u did have such a great week!! wow =)

  2. I loveee Listen. Every time I hear it I can't belive I forgot about it :) xx

  3. I just read through all your old posts and everything you say really is quite beautiful (I know I know that's a really bad cliché and whathaveyou but hey...)After reading this one you just made me quite nostalgic for living in halls again amongst people that are amazing and then I read all your old ones and you sound a lot like me and how I felt last year starting off at uni (: I'm gabbling I know but yeah, I wish I was back where you are so much. Make the most of this year! I look forward to your next set of adventures.
    (: x
    PS. I promise I'm not crazy,haha. You just struck a massive chord with me x

  4. i kind of wish i lived and studied away from home! must be very nice aahha .