Saturday, 7 January 2012

I gave you all

I return back to my halls tomorrow in Leeds which I'm very excited about. I'm really looking forward to seeing my new friends again, hearing about their holidays, and just catching up in general - accompanied by bucket loads of tea of course! I'm particularly excited to settle back into my little room. I've got lots of new additions to add to it thanks to some beautiful little trinkets I got for Christmas and other bits and bobs I collected during my week in the Big Apple. I know I have my own bedroom at home but their is something different about my own little space at uni, it somehow feels more personal and grown up! So hopefully I'll get a few photos of my cutesy room if I ever get some decent lighting!

There is always somebody around to chill out and have a chat with in my halls. I'm really hoping that helps me take my mind off all the things I seem to be dwelling on of late. Being at home has been so wonderful to see family and old friends but I have often found I have too much time alone to think about the past and mistakes I've made. So a little message to myself and to you: Life is a beautiful thing and to waste precious time getting upset over mistakes is a trivial thing to do. The learning process of realising you made a mistake helps you to make better decisions in the future. So don't worry about the past. Never worry. Emily xo


  1. You are definitely one of my favourite blogs - I just love reading about you! xxx

  2. Aww thank you so much Laura, you don't know how much that means to me! Very inspiring to know somebody reads this :) xxx