Thursday, 8 December 2011

Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight

Hello dears, hope you're well! So I returned home yesterday lunch time and already I'm feeling much healthier and refreshed. Immersing myself in the festive spirit has really lifted my mood and gotten me a whole lot more excited to visit New York. I still can't really believe I'll be there a week today! Today I had a beautiful lazy breakfast in bed and enjoyed being cosy whilst in poured with rain out. I then (eventually) got up and finished unpacking, which is always a chore! I then decorated the Christmas tree and put some of the remaining decorations up whilst watching Nigella Christmas, which always inspires me and gets me feeling super festive! I then decided to bare it and go for a walk after lunch considering the rain had stopped. It was still really windy but I enjoyed the fresh air, it cleared my head a little and made me feel better. I've now just had an early bath and am laid on the sofa watching yet more Christmas cooking programmes (my life is always exciting when I'm at home). Going to get an early night and catch up on the massive lack of sleep I've been coping with during my first term at university! Emily x

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