Sunday, 17 February 2013

A relaxing and (kind of) cultured weekend

This has been the first weekend in quite a long time where I have felt truly inspired. I left for my dad's house yesterday lunch time and enjoyed the walk to the bus stop in the very welcome sunshine. with still quite a chill in the air and the sound of Adele in my ears I walked down in town, eager for a night away from my student digs.

On arrival at my dad's I was offered a cup of tea and lunch almost instantly (oh he knows me well) and we sat and chatted between mouthfuls of chicken, hummus, spinach and tomato wraps. Yesterday afternoon turned into quite a lazy one which was just what I needed. For dinner, my dad being the astounding chef that he is, decided to knock up some tapas from scratch. He made four dishes: patatas bravas (potatoes in a garlic tomato sauce topped with the crispiest bits of bacon ever), garlic prawns and chorizo in a red wine and onion sauce, cheese and potato croquettes and the zingiest tuna, avocado and salad bean salad dressed with olive oil and lime. Served with a hot ciabatta, feta and olives. Everything was truly delicious.

After eaten my own body weight in Spanish food, I had the most relaxing bath with far too many bubbles, candles and music (yet more Adele). Following a long chill out and a good sing, I snuggled on the sofa with a cosy blanket to watch Knight and Day which I actually really enjoyed. I love Cameron Diaz in pretty much anything, and the great balance between action, humour and romance made it well worth a watch! I managed to just about keep my tired little eyes awake right till the end and then headed to bed with a hot water bottle.

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and happy at the sight of clear blue skies once again. We headed out for a walk around the most beautiful reservoir just a short drive from my dad's house. Kitted out in windbreakers and walking boots we strayed off track and headed through some seriously boggy fields which was hard work but good fun. We also passed by the set of the British soap Emmerdale, I would have taken photos had I taken my phone with me but I was having an 'unplugged' day.

Two hours later we were tired, hungry and ready for home. We got back and dad the most perfect bacon and mushroom sandwiches in toasted ciabatta (yum). We then pigged out on homemade flapjack, Maltesers and endless cups of tea whilst curled up watching Inglorious Basterds. This was another film that had been on my to watch list ever since it came out, but had still never watched it. I watched Django a couple of weeks back and thought it was equally as brilliant! I then did some seminar work for university to make me feel better about my lack of work over the weekend. Oh well.
We then had a homemade chicken curry with sag aloo and naan breads. Another beautiful feast made by my dad - I wish I could live with him forever! After we let that settle I got a lift home and here I am now. A wonderful weekend!

How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything interesting? xo

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