Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Refreshed and relaxed

I'll start by saying happy new year to you all, I hope you all enjoyed celebrating! I stayed in and looked after two of nieces who are precious little angels. I've haven't made any new years resolutions as such this year, as I started making changes in my life about three weeks ago. I see no need to wait until a new year begins to make changes, if you want to change something in your life, do it now. Time is too precious to wait.

So anyway, this morning was a beautifully sunny morning so I set out for a long walk. I find walk so cleansing and relaxing, it gives me time to clear my mind. On my walk I saw a robin, which sadly happened to be the only one I've seen this winter. I stopped still to try and take a discreet photograph but the little chap was too busy bopping around so I simply stood and watched him peacefully until he eventually flew off. Such a beautiful little creature. I also met an old man out walking his cute little dog, who was carrying a newspaper in its mouth. I found this so endearing to see such a friendship between a man and a dog.

This post doesn't have any real meaning or point but I just felt like I wanted to write. And sometimes I don't find it easy to write or blog. But it is walks like the one I had this morning that really inspire me to be creative and become the person that I truly want to be. By concentrating on my mental and physical health, hopefully I will blog more this year. All the best to you, Emily xoxo

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