Saturday, 9 June 2012

End of an era

I can not believe that I've done it, I've finished my first year of university. And despite the struggles I've had through out the year, (and I know I'm not alone with this) I can honestly that it has been the best year of my life so far. I've learnt so many valuable life skills, met some amazing people, and had a whale of a time along the way. The entire year has flown by, and now I'm sad to be back home once again. It was hard saying goodbye to my amazing halls of residence that has been my home for the past year, despite the fact I will still see most of the people I have been living with (I hope!). My halls were not your generic high rise building looking all minimalistic and basic. I was lucky enough to be staying in, what can only be described as a old manor house. It was set into six flats, making up almost 50 students in total, along with a beautiful large common room which hosted many pre-drink parties as well as film nights and random games of procrastination during exam period. After making such great friends, I really really hope that as a house, we stay in touch. But now with a few months at home to hopefully try and get back into some sort of shape, all I can say is roll on second year!


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