Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sincere apologies for neglecting you

Gosh, time really has flown since I last paid this blog any attention! I can't believe I lost interest so easily, before I even really got started here. Despite the fact I have an exam in the morning, I have been overcome by a sudden urge to write. Just to write about anything at all, with no real purpose or direction. But I guess that is the beauty of writing - it doesn't matter as long as you hold on to that feeling of serenity and creativity.
After such a spontaneous and torrential downpour earlier this evening, the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen appeared as the skies began to lighten and the moody grey clouds passed over. I could see one end out of my mum's bedroom window, and after I eagerly ran from her room to mine, I found that with a slight strain of my neck, I could see the other end of this rare spectacle from my own window. It was quite a peculiar rainbow, in that it had an extra band of purple underneath the usual array of colours. I found such beauty in this moment, in which both my mother and I momentarily paused, mesmerised by such a wondrous sight.

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